Miyake Farm was established in March 2011 with the goal of providing our restaurants with high quality, naturally raised meats and vegetables.  Though we have adapted considerably over the course of almost 3 years, our mission has remained the same : to provide our patrons with a true farm to table experience, to have an ongoing relationship with our ingredients, and to educate our staff as well as our patrons about the process of raising quality, natural vegetables and meats.


The population of the farm grew over Summer 2013. Last spring we welcomed 3 Mangalitsa pigs to the farm and are expecting our first litter in Spring 2014. We were able to harvest our first American Guinea Hog meat which has been used on both Miyake and Pai Men Miyake's menus.


Upcoming in 2014

Miyake Farm's goals for 2014 include: bringing our gardens back to life with unique and heirloom vegetables, welcoming 2 litters of heritage breed pigs, constructing a livestock barn, planting several fruit trees and continuing to improve the quality of our soil.

Mangalistas at Miyake Farm!

In March of 2013 we welcomed 3 Mangalitsa Pigs to Miyake Farm. These wooly hogs are occasionally known as "kobe pork" for the rich, marbled meat they produce. All 3 are in great health and we are looking forward to our first litter of Mangalitsa piglets this coming March.