Images courtesy of  The Forecaster

Images courtesy of The Forecaster

Miyake Farm was established in March 2011 with the goal of providing Miyake restaurants with high quality, naturally raised meats and vegetables. Over the past five years we have experimented with different animals (pigs, rabbits, turkeys), birds (quail, duck, squab, and chicken), and vegetables.

The farm’s current focus is raising heritage breed pigs and chickens.  In 2013, we welcomed Mangalitsa Pigs to Miyake Farm. A Hungarian breed, these wooly hogs are known for the rich, marbled meat they produce, and are sometimes referred to as ‘kobe pork’. The first litter of Mangalitsa came to us in 2014, and we have had great success with additional litters since. A few other varieties that we have are the American Guinea Hog and Ossabaw Island pigs. There are currently between 25-40 different pigs at Miyake Farm, and about 30 chickens and guinea hen.

Look for Miyake Farm meats on the menu and as specials at both Miyake and Pai Men restaurants.